Fantasize by Torrid

Was just browsing around tonight checking out their amazing SALE that's going on atm, speaking of I'm actually gonna score some more of their amazing stiletto jeans. They have new styles available and I can't wait to wear them! You got to check it out!! 
Anyway, came across their collection "Fantasize" that features hot Halloween outfits! I just instantly fell in love with the look book, the pictures are so fun and quirky and who is this amazing model?! :) (She sort of reminds me of Alexandra from American next top model, is it?)
Great work Torrid, I totally love this look book!
It's spot on, it's editorial, it's fabulous! And she looks amazing, love her curves!

Halloween isn't yet that big in Sweden as it is here, of course. But! now living here I'll be sure to celebrate Halloween true American style ;) Maybe do a Halloween costume party, if so I know exactly where to go for my Halloween outfit...Torrid! ;)
My favorite look is "Dark Angel", Which one is yours? 

I just had to share this amazing look book, do you love it as much as I do? :P
I'm seriously having a major crush on these photos. 

Also, Halloween hits close to heart even though I don't really celebrate Halloween-Halloween, it's also Jason's birthday. October 30 is a special day. :) I wonder what to give him as a birthday gift, hehe, maybe dress up as "Seductive Betty" :P Aaah!! haha No....just kidding....I don't know...maybe...OO! Or take him to Six Flags - Great adventures "Scare fest" omg, he would love that!

Who else is excited for Halloween?

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