Good Time Traditions

This Sunday I had the pleasure to met up with Shay from A Thick girls closet for a traditional met up meal at California Pizza Kitchen. It has sort of become our thing, I love it! There's nothing better then good laughs, good talk, good food and drinks. We ALWAYS get the Avocado Egg rolls! So Yummy! 
Working like a dog this passed month and a half, not having much free time to hang out with friends or being that up to date/as well as being able to attend the "plus size"-events that's been going on lately (so SO sad) nor had much time or energy to socialize during the weeks, it was so nice of Shay to ask me out again *sniff sniff* ;) Girl you're great! You made me feel special!
We made it work, Sunday's I'm always off work (Jippie!) I love our little "thing" we got going on and I can't wait to see what kind of adventures the future brings ;) Aah! Aah!

Visit her blog at, if you haven't already and fall in love!

Keeping it up with my favorite outfit combo ;) Leggings and over-size/long knit top. I decided to pair it with my new favorite booties, and add a lot of accessories. Something that's new to me is adding pendant necklaces to my turtleneck top, not just one but two, different lengths and styles, totally digging it and it's something that I'm gonna continue to do in the future...because I love layering for fall, including accessory layering ;)  
Knit turtleneck top from HM, Random necklaces, random rings, leggings from SWAK Designs, Boots from Kmart, Watch from Kmart, Bag from China Town.
Shay rocking her super casual chic outfit, totally adore!

Thanks for reading and following ;)


miss biggy said…
i'm absolutely in love with your outfit!!!!!
so gorgeous!!!
gorgeous! :-) ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Unknown said…
hehe look its me on your blog!!! I feel special. but its always a good time with you. and I loved that sweater!

cant wait to see you again!


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