Lunch with the Girls

Hi All!
This Sunday I met up with Shay from a Thick Girls Closet and Ericka from Regine Report over lunch, it was a blast! Always a pleasure hanging out with my girl Sha-Sha! And I'm so glad I got to met up with Ericka for the first time, this girl, is amazing!
Of course after lunch we had to have a little photoshoot (foolishness.) ;)

That day I decided to wear my new sweater from HM, it's pink and fluffy and I love it. Size L may I add so it's a very roomy and comfy sweater. However this angora blend sweater does tickle a little, haha and at the end of the day I had shredded lots of the baby pink fuzzies all over my jeans, face, all over shay's black blazer! all over her car seat!!! Omg, I was a mess LOL :P SORRY SHAY!
Anyway, still, I totally adore this sweater!
You don't often see me dress this cute in baby pink but I will if it's an angora sweater with the adorable fuzzy-ness going on. I will.

More pictures below, Enjoy! :D

 More foolishness below, Click read more! :)

I know this post is heavily picture loaded, but I just had to share these. :)
Had such a great time, and thanks for stopping by and checking it out ;)

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Unknown said…
I see why you love the sweater, it's so cute! Looks like you ladies had so much fun!
Marian said…
You look so sweet with that sweater!
Unknown said…
it is always a blast with you! I'm so glad you and Ericka met yay us!!! I love the pics...and cant wait to do it again!

Unknown said…
You ladies look cute and chic, it looks like you all were having so much fun!!!

Carsedra of:
Unknown said…
What a group of hot ladies and you are all dressed to the nines! I use to have a fuzzy pink sweater that use to shed everywhere and I loved it but come to think of it I don't recall throwing it away/giving it away... maybe it ran away...

Unknown said…
I love these photos! You're like proper models, haha. :D That sweater is beautiful! x
-=AngoraMike=- said…
You look amazing in that sweater....

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