Peplum Love

Sitting through Hurricane Sandy as we speak, it's still going on outside, not as bad as earlier this, the winds were crazy strong. No joke. It was really scary and still is, we have a big ass tree on our backyard that is catching the wind and swinging back and fort and the branches are going all over the place and I'm just picturing the tree snapping and falling on us. Oh my god, madness. I'm surprised it's still staying strong AND that we've so far in my area not lost power. Because everything around here is moving with the wind like crazy.
Unlike Sweden the power lines and cables run by the road on poles and not like home underground, which causes power-outs by simply having a branch or tree fall over it. ANYWAY, so far I'm good. Thank god. And my friends and co-workers. Thank god!

The Mall was closed all day today, which meant no work for me. However they are planing to open tomorrow which is beyond me because the storm is no yet over and we got hit the worst tonight. Tomorrow is still gonna be stormy and there are gonna be a lot of recovery having to be made after the damage Sandy has caused so far, we don't need to be on the road making our way to the mall, who would go to the mall in the first place to shop the day after we got hit by one of the biggest hurricanes in long. omg...we need to stay home and take care of ourselves and our houses and clean up. etc. Feel me. 
NJ transit is still closed down so there's no way of commuting to work....I don't know. New Jersey is currently under the state of emergency so I believe that everyone should stay home and be safe until the storm has passed.
Aaah, anyway....rant over. :) My thoughts go out to all my readers and followers on the east coast, and who ever that is being affected in some way by the Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe!

Here is an outfit from earlier this week. :)
I love this bright blue color, and the fit and feel is amazing. Thinking about getting it in bright Orange as well, should I? ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more...
Massa kärlek till er alla!
Knit peplum top from Ann Taylor, Skirt with zipper details from Ann Taylor, Stockings from Assets by SPANX, Flats from Payless, Scarf from Ebay, Jacket from Kmart, Gold watch from BP at Norstrom, bling bracelets from BP at Nordstrom, Stud bracelet from Forever21 Glasses from Zenni Optical.


que guapa!!! pasate por mi blogg seria in honor que me siguieras!!!

Malene said…
I need a peplum top soon!

I've been thinking of you all night and morning. Sandy is all over the news here - so glad you're safe!
LA Lynn's said…
Thank GOD you are ok... Hoping all remains!!!! Our cobalt Peplum shirt is too cute!!!!

April said…
Love the color on you! Glad your safe!
Siki-Lou said…
uhhhh the bright orange is a MUST!! also glad to hear your going as good as can be expected in your circumstance! Goodluck getting to work!! xx
(Another) Jennifer said…
I haven't visited your blog in weeks, so I'm sorry if it was done forever ago, but I just want to say that I love your (newish?) haircut! I think it really suits you. Also, your sense of style is awesome and your glasses are cute. :D

I have to get into the routine of checking fashion blogs again! You're particularly inspiring.

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