Transition outfit

Over size knit turtle neck sweater from HM size L, Leggings one size from SWAK Designs, Flats from Payless, Watch from Kmart, Belt from HM.

Today's look, a transition look...not too cold to have to wear boots but chilly enough to have to wear a long sleeve sweater. This is the over size knit sweater that I love love love from HM that I posted about a couple of posts back, I want to get it in every color! :P So I got it in grey as well, so just the wine red left to buy..isn't it a perfect over size knit sweater for fall to just be cozy in and pair with leggings and you're good, I love it. SO EASY! On those slacker days :P

Me and Jay went grocery shopping and had dinner out and... just like that the day was over and I found myself cleaning and straightening things out in the room on my day off work. MY ONLY day off work :P's good though, I feel so relaxed now when the our room doesn't look like a messy cave. I hate when things get messy and I just haven't had time and energy to take care of it before because of all the work, I also went through my whole wardrobe and did a transition there as well, taking out all summer dresses and stuff I'm not really wearing so that I can fit more sweaters and stuff for the colder weather that's coming up. I had literary NO ROOM left in my tiny little closet, I need a bigger closet that matches my love for fashion :P
I'm all restricted.
Anyway, I'm gonna get cozy in bed now and pass out. Another week of 55+ hours coming up.
Wish me luck and may the force be with me.

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Unknown said…
That sweater is amazing! I want something similar... It seems like such a comfy, effortless outfit that ends up looking amazing and well thought out. Love those kinds of outfits!
annikaherz said…
i like the jumper dress :) makes you look so good
Falala Mele said…
Cool sweater Jennifer :) Just think....all that work might lead to a bigger closet ;)
Unknown said…
Adorable look so cute! My closet is super tiny---so annoying!
Unknown said…
you look so classy!!!!
i love this look so much.

Rochelle Sodipo said…
Love the look! #BLM
Unknown said…
I love that sweater. I bought a sweater dress similar to that from Fashion Bug.

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