Flowers in the garden

Hi Lovelies!
Just wanted to do a quick outfit post before I have to hit the bed, I'm already passed my bedtime hour. ( I do this all the time to myself, smh.)
I wore this to work at Ann Taylor the other day, love this combo! 
A black mini skirt with a tucked in top at the waist can never go work, so flattering for the curvy figure! I will most likey wear something similar tomorrow for work, I'm thinking BLUE skirt (the same style as the black I'm wearing here.) Paired with a dark navy blue and white striped top, with a aqua blue stone statement necklace. Can I do black stockings with that? Hmmm...What do you guys think? I have to wear stockings, it's November lol :P
Anyways, Ill figure it out tomorrow morning.
Thanks for reading, don't be a stranger! ;)
plus-size-blogger-jasifer plus-size flowers-jasiferl flowers fashion-blogger close-ups Top from Ann Taylor size 14, Skirt from Ann Taylor size 14, Necklace from HM, Stockings from HM size XL, Flats from Payless shoes, various rings and accessories.


Marta said…

BTW I´m Marta, the spanish girl who left those suuuper long comments on your FB post of Zara and plus sizes ;)

Shana Marlon said…
Beautiful outfit! I think you can wear black stockings with navy blue, especially the ones you're wearing in this outfit. They're a little see-through so I think it works. :)
Unknown said…
Love this look!!!!
Elvisa said…
Work it girl...Älskar't!!!
Unknown said…
Älskar verkligen denna outfiten, du passar så snyggt i den! Och läppstiftet!! Var kommer det ifrån? :D
Unknown said…
Skrev nyss en kommentar, men vet inte om den kom med. Skriver igen :D

Älskar din outfit, du är så fin i den! Och ditt läppstift! Var kommer den ifrån? :D
Malene said…
You look beautiful!
Unknown said…
nice outfit !!
takes a look at my blog when you have a little time, thank you!
Laura said…
Love your blog, and you're so beautiful! what about following each other? Let me know answering with a comment on my bloh, good job <3

Love, love this outfit! It looks so good on you girl! You really know how it rock it.
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you so much ladies!! <3 you are all too sweet.

My outfit is mostly from Ann Taylor where I work :)
Anonymous said…
Working at Ann Taylor really suits you! They should pay you for dressing up! Awesome!

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