OOTD On the Boulevard

The other day I met up with my Filipina bestie Gie in our town of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ for lunch at my favorite Chinese place on the Boulevard.
Funny story of how we met, I'd spotted her many times before we started talking at our local Rite Aid, she worked there. Until finally we started talking as I was doing a little make-up shopping she asked me for nail polish color opinions, and then later on we started talking as she rung me up at the register because I was sending a package home to my brother in Sweden, So she asked where, and I told her, home to Sweden I've just moved here recently and she was like ME TOO, I'm from Philippines. At that point I felt really stupid...I thought I had a pretty good PINOY SENSE but obviously not this time because as she said it was like DUH! Of course, I see it now....you
re definitely Pinay, and I'm like OMG! I'm half Pinay!!
It was a match make in heaven ;)
She also got married coming to America and has gone through all the visa paper work that I have, only earlier then me. I'm still waiting on my Green Card and the estimated processing time at my Service Center is 19 months (!!!!) More on that later...crazy I know, So depressing to think about that waiting time. SMH.
Anyway, we're in the same boat and it is so nice to have found a Filipina friend in the same town as I that share the same experience as me. YAY!
She snapped these photos of me on the Boulevard.
This flowery top was such a steal from Ann Taylor, originally 79$, on SALE for 39,99$, Marked down to Final SALE for 9,99$, with an additional 30% off because we're running a special promotion in stores and online and VOILA the top cost me 6,92$ Something, isn't that INSANE! I love it!
When I started working in the store about 2 months ago this was full price and I was close to buying it but wanted to go for simple and timeless staple pieces that I could wear for work through out time so I didn't want to go for a bright pattern that will not look current with the next "Store set" and "Trends". But for 6$ who can say no to that! No thoughts added, I just bought it! It's given.
Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more ;)
boulevard bloulevard4 boulevard3 Woven from Ann Taylor size 14, Leggings from Ann Taylor, Jacket from Kmart, Watch from Kmart, Pink stone ring from Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Bag from Ann Taylor, Boots from Torrid, Glasses from Zenni Optical.


Unknown said…
love the boots!i love you are so cute, but super simple. such a win win!

Anonymous said…
Cute outfit!
Love those boots!
(^_^) x


P.S. Just joined Bloglovin, so just started following you on there!

Also! I voted for you for the navabi Curvy Blog Award 2012 ;)

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