The Matching Blues!

Hey lovelies!
Just wanted to make a quick update with an outfit post that is long passed due, lol, this is what I wore last week for work when I was thinking about WHAT to pair with my blue skirt. I ended up pairing it with my favorite peplum top from Ann Taylor with a matching new statement necklace that I bought at HM, the blue stones went perfect with the bright blue skirt. Fell in love with this combo.
As well fell in love with sheer stockings, lol, I gotta get me some more ones because I (of course) ripped mine already, my nails are just a mess, working with my hands at the Café all the time, washing my hands every few minutes and doing dishes, you feel me. My nails are bound to rip stockings. :P
So I survived Thanksgiving, ate like a pig, as well as Black Friday working at the mall, I heard horror stories before hand, so I prepared myself and expected the worst, it wasn't that bad at all. We were well staffed and both my jobs and work went by smoothly, thank you jesus because I was at work from 6.30 AM starting at Ann Taylor, ending my day at the E-bar at 11PM, on my feet might I add basically all those hours besides when I had my two 30 min breaks. Giving myself a pat on the back for managing this one...I'm surprised I don't feel more bloated today because I no joke ate like a pig yesterday, so much food. anyway, thanksgiving was great, wonderful!
I'm thankful for a lot of things but I got to say in this moment Im thankful for my family AND my new family here in the US, with my hubby, my mother and father in-law are amazing people and so generous and kind. I'm blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Hope you all had a great and lovely thanksgiving as well! :)
And I not too stressful black Friday.
Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger ;)
plus-size-blogger plus-size jasifer hour-glas-shape fashion autumn Peplum top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from Ann Taylor, Necklace from HM, Stockings from HM size XL, Flats from Payless.


Nerwen said…
You look so nice :)
Unknown said…
You have a more classic look since you started working for Ann Taylor. It suits you. Gives an elegance to your young face.

They now go up to size 18, my size and a good eye and a well organized clearance rack = savings!

But I found the Loft to be more expensive than Ann Taylor.
Malene said…
I looooove this outfit. You look beautiful!
Anonymous said…
OMG! This is a great look on you! So grown-up! And very flattering too!
Unknown said…
Many many thanks Vizion Heiry for your fantastic comments.Annn Taylor has a very sweet face and her looks is very sweet.
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