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Cardigan from Kappahl, Jeans from Torrid Stilettos, Black top from Cotton on, Various accessories, Statement necklace from HM, Boots from Skopunkten.

So for the Thanksgiving Holiday I wanted to wear something comfortable and warm for my very first thanksgiving dinner ON thanksgiving DAY :P
My Husband Jason calls it "a rug" but I really adore this open cardigan with patched details. It just really felt "Thanksgiving-ie" you know. The colors and the style felt a little earthy and country-ish. It matches the colors of the season, omg, see how I'm going on here trying to justify and defend this cardigan that my husband thinks looks like a rug. He's just too much..."Aah, you're wearing the rug again, do you have to wear that rug?" SMH.....Men....
Anyway, I had a blessed Thanksgiving day, and I hope you guys had it too. The weekend is over, I was off for another day today, felt amazing, so I'm back to work tomorrow, back to usual.
Spent my day off today with wonderful and lovely Shay from A Thick Girls Closet, love this girl!
It was a blast as always and pictures will be posted from our fun little day out.
So stay tuned! ;)
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I love a good cape or cardigan. This one looks super comfy and it's really cute! Love your necklace too!

Anonymous said…
You are such a fashionista! This cardigan is really something! I love it!

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