H&M Spring 2013 Lookbook

It is no news that I am a big fan of H&M, as a Swede I am proud of everything H&M has accomplished and I just had to share this post with you all, Their Spring Lookbook for 2013 looks amazing, don't you think? Enjoy.

H&M embarked on a venture to conquer the hearts and closets of fashionistas and it seems that the Swedish retailer is getting closer and closer to its goal as its designs pack a high dose of appeal that is difficult to resist. Proof of this is the H&M spring 2013 lookbook which took a strong and sexy approach to style though baroque, western and Mongolian-inspired elements. 

It's not breaking news that fast fashion brands now play with various trends, styles, cuts and textures as variety is key to maintaining an ever fresh look and this lookbook shows just how fabulous this fashion diversity can be. Now, we've been seeing a lot of leather, heavy prints and stylish embellishments lately and these style essentials are definitely not missing from the H&M spring 2013 lookbook.

Leather jackets, stylish studded vests and skinny fit jeans bring the rock-chic attitude to the collection while the baroque print dresses and blouses, sexy shirts and shorts take the lead on the upcoming season's main fashion trends. On a totally opposite side stand the Western-inspired elements with a strong boho casual vibe that shows H&M didn't overlook the comfort factor this upcoming season.

HM-spring-2013-lookbook4 HM-spring-2013-lookbook3 HM-spring-2013-lookbook2 HM-spring-2013-lookbook1

However, the pieces that stand out by far from the collection are the red tassel skirt featuring an embellished waistband and the artisan patchwork jacket that has a certain retro appeal that cannot be ignored. No doubt this collection will connect with the fashion pack the way H&M's previous ones have.

 Aah H&M, you never seize to amaze me! I love where this collection is going.
What are your thoughts? Thank you so much Become Gorgeous for sharing this fashion inspiring post.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates coming up ;)
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DarcRose22 said…
I think it looks quite 90s. Also low waisted mini skirts are making a return!?
DarcRose22 said…
I think it looks quite 90s. Also low waisted mini skirts are making a return!?

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