Long over due....

Hi you guys! :D
This post is long over due, so sorry. This is what I wore LAST WEEK, ay ay ay!
I scored this super cute knit poncho from Ann Taylor on SALE, when they are running awesome additional discounts on top of the sales prices I can not stay away from possibly making a huge steal.
So some things have been going down this week, and tomorrow might be the day that change things around in my life a bit, well not a bit...kind of a lot. For the better of course. Added pressure? Oh yes!
Am I ready for the challenge? OF COURSE! ;)
I'll let you all know tomorrow what's it about and how it went I don't want to jinx it too much.
You know when something sounds too good to be true? That's what's happening to me right now, it's like...This is happening to me? to me?! Why me?! I should give myself some more credd, I'm really bad at that...
ANYWAY! Want to do a quick shout out to everybody that has voted for me at NAVABI's Curvy blogger award! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really warms my heart that some voted for me *blush face* thanks! ALSO! Thank you Alli from Inside Allie's World for including me in her blogroll post!! :D AAH!! So honored! I look up to her so much, girl you're gorgeous and too kind!
Ok, must go to sleep it's already 3.30 AM and tomorrow is gonna be a big and busy day!
Wish me luck! Hope you all had a great weekend!
SAM_7579 Untitled-2 SAM_7574 SAM_7580
Knit poncho from Ann Taylor size L/XL, Black long sleeve top from Ann Taylor, Stiletto jeans from Torrid size 16, Boots from Kmart BONGO, Various accessories, Bag gifted from my sweet little sister!


Olivia Noel said…
I love that poncho! xx
Feastful Life said…
Cute poncho! Jealous you snagged it on sale and I miss doing layering too.


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