Our first day in NYC

Hey lovelies!
So sorry I've been away for a while, now I am back and I'm ready to catch up, for real! So I'm going to start by sharing my sisters first day in New York City, aka the big apple aka the city that never sleeps aka NYC! Aka....:P As you can see, not such a bright one! lol.
We got hit by heavy clouds and rain that day which sucked big time, we both felt like wet disgusting dogs trying to look pretty taking tourist photos on time square, not a success. But whatever it was cool to see it for the first time. We did more shopping than sightseeing that day, we did Forever21 on time square of course and walked down to 36th street and 5th ave and checked out some places there.
Wrapped the day off with dinner at RED LOBSTER! looooove! :)
Here are some (not so flattering) pictures from our rainy day in NYC. More to come soon! ;)
Thanks for following and reading!
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SAM_7705 SAM_7716 SAM_7725 SAM_7729 SAM_7742 SAM_7736 SAM_7752
Me and my little sister are so close, best friends for real! I can not explain how happy I am that I have her here with me, movie nights, cozy dinners at home, shopping, intern jokes and foolishness, cuddles. I don't want her to leave!!!
That's why I've taken every minute of my time to just hang out with her when Im not working and haven't much time left to update the blog, but it's been too long now so, I've gotta catch up. :)


Unknown said…
Aww sisterly love! You guys are beautiful and I love your sisters black on black look

I made a Fashion Bloggers Tag and I'd love for you to do it :)


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