Our second day in NYC

JASIFER Jacket from Espirit, Top from Ann Taylor, Jeans from Torrid Stilletos, Bag from Mark Ecko, Glasses from Zenni Optical, Scarf from Ann Taylor.

Hey All!
Just wanted to go ahead and post the second day part of my sister and mine's day in NYC, a much brighter and sunny day! It was wonderful and perfect!
We had to go back to Time Square, it just looks so much more beautiful during a bright and clear day, just look at the difference between the two days, like night and day :P
It was packed too, jesus, SO MUCH PEOPLE! GAH! It was beyond crazy, we visited Rockerfella Center as well, forget about it, that place was jammed! Jammed pack! We couldn't move, we were trapped, and we just wanted to get the hell out of there after the "light show" I was freaking out, we couldn't get out, the whole street was packed and it was like no one was moving.
So this day was the day before Christmas eve so I guess we had it coming ;)
Lots of people in the city that day.

Went up the tower of "Top of the rock" my first time as well as my sisters, it was AMAZING! It cost 25$ which I thought wasn't bad at all, and the view was gorgeous! I highly recommend going up the Top of the Rock instead of the empire state building, You can get  beautiful pictures of up town AND down town, including the empire state building itself. Can't believe we were THAT high up! Scary thought but it was totally worth it! We were lucky too, we beat the crowd and line and the whole process went by smoothly and we went around 3.30PM on a Sunday.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, more below, Now, Time for bed. :)
Thanks for reading and following!
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vc said…
Ah so fun! I was there in Nov & I miss NYC. Glad you & your sis had a great time. ;)
Unknown said…
Happy 2013 and belated Christmas wishes! I love the pictures you took, NYC is such a beautiful city and I've always wanted to visit around Christmas time (although the crowds would drive me nutttsss). You and your sister are so gorgeous.

Anonymous said…
Stumbled across your blog when searching for high waisted jeans plus size style. I am also a big fan of H&M!!

Reggie said…
I was in Times Square on New Years Eve as well. It was a tad bit too cold for me, so I left....didn't stay for the festivities that night.

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