Sisters Reunited!

 Hey Lovelies!
So as some of you know my little sister is here, my best friend, my poop, my edwardo.
I couldn't be more excited about the new and fun adventures that we will have together in Jersey and NYC. :) I just nailed my NJ license, long over due, so now I'm finally behind the wheel again, thank you jesus! I haven't driven since I came here basically, not a lot. And I used to drive every single day. SO YAY! I got my NJ drivers license.
Tomorrow we're going to NYC so more pictures on that later. ;)
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay tuned for more pictures and foolishness. :P
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Falala Mele said…
omg Im soooo happy that your sis is visiting you! I'm joined at the hip with my sister too so I can imagine how much you have to catch up on. Enjoy the holidays season with your family xo
Anonymous said…
Aww you guys are such a pretty pair! xx

P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

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