Fav Golden Globes Looks

Hi Lovelies!
It's been a while, sorry! My latest update was way too long ago but I've been taking the time to spend it all on being with my sister, she went home yesterday so...now I'm all lonely again :P Ok, I have my Husband here with me but it's just not the same thing, you feel me?
So, being all sad and lonely, by myself, at home, how perfect was it not that it was Golden Globe Night!?
So I watched the red carpet and got all cozy in bed, and here are a few of my favorite looks of the night! ;)

I'm loving the colors, blings, trains and details of these dresses!
So excited to see Adele again, she just glows and seems like such a cool girl, funny and down to earth. Like REAL! J.Lo looks stunning! WHAT A BODY! WOW! Also Kelly looks super cute and feminine, love this mermaid style skirt on her. :D
Which one is your favorite look on the red carpet? 


Unknown said…
J Lo looks amazing! I also love the dress on the woman to the right of J Lo (I'm so terrible with celebrities). And, of course, my girl Adele is always rockin' her classic look.

Malene said…
I totally have a girl crush on Adele at the moment. She's so beautiful in that dress.
Elvisa said…
Hey...I tag you to answer these fashion related questions!!! :)


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