Flashback 2012

Goodbye 2012, it was a good year, but it went by way to fast. Doesn't it always feel like that? Or is it just me...I'm happy about 2012 :) I took a big step, I did something different and broke free of my comfort zone. I've grown a lot from it and gained so much experience, and created unforgettable moments.
So what did I accomplish of 2012?
I moved to the US.
I got married! :D
I applied for my Residence permit (FYI:Still waiting for it.)
Got my working permit and started working at Nordstrom and Ann Taylor.
What else...
I turned 25 years old, God I feel old!
I attended FFFWeek at the SONSI Blogger Pop-up event.
Met new people and got new friends for life. :) Love that part the most!
I cut my hair short!
And I got to spend the holidays with my little sister! THE BEST TIME EVER!
Can't believe it's 2013 already, I wonder what this year will bring...Can't wait.
For now a little flashback collage of favorite outfits and moments of 2012.
2012 2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4 Untitled-9 2012-5 2012-6


Malene said…
You are so beautiful! I love it all.
Also what I really liked about your blog in 2012 was the Big Fat Summer Challenge. It was great! Hope you'll maybe do it again this summer.
skiminastka said…
you had graet year!
looking amazing:)
skiminastka said…
you had graet year!
looking amazing:)
Unknown said…
2012 was one amazing year for you and you looked gorgeous the entire time. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you <3

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
beautiful Jenifer! I love how we can see the transition in your style!! and those outfits hunty! werk.
can't wait to see what you wear in 2013
XO Tatianna

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