Wish List - Forever21+

OMG I am totally brook right now, no joke, after spending all my money on having fun with my sister during her stay AND being out of work for a whole week. Don't regret it though, it was totally worth it. I got to spend the last full week with my sister without interruptions of having to go to work like everyday and it was nice to take a little break from my usually hectic schedule.
Anyway, super broke, I get paid tomorrow, YAY! :)
And until then I've just been window shopping online and I've been really loving what Forever21 has been putting out lately, especially in their plus size line.
Love, love love!
Also, they are having an awesome SALE right now where you take an additional 50% of the SALES price!!!!!!! It is....for real....too good to be true, just scored a bunch of stuff dirt cheap, like a Utility jacket from Forever21+ for like less then 10$
Thanks for stopping by lovelies! ;)
Don't be a stranger!
Got any favorites?


Everything looks great..on the pictures that is. Every time i go in there and try something on it fits terrible, and the quality is so bad. Hope u have better luck then me, great picks thou
Sandra Negron said…
I got that striped sweater and love it! You got a lot of cute stuff!

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