A TORRID Adventure!

Hey Lovelies!
The other week me and my friend Autumn went to a newly opened TORRID store in Clifton NJ. So now there's two torrid stores close to me, couldn't be luckier ;)
I was so excited to see that there are new stiletto's available in a light wash, polka dot and black ones with lace wedge. Tried on all of them and fell in love with the light wash ones, even though I liked them all the light wash will be worn frequently for a long time I'm sure, I wear my dark wash ALL THE TIME (pretty much) Easy to wear with anything.
Also adore the "off the shoulder" tops, and the Pattern Maxi dress! I'll probably be back for that black button down top soon! Loved that one too, actually my friend Autumn bought that top herself, It looked great on her! :D
Have you been to TORRID lately and tried on their new stiletto styles?
DSCN0834 DSCN0842 DSCN0849 DSCN0847 DSCN0848 DSCN0852
Below are 5 favorites from Torrid that I have right now! I wish I had unlimited amounts of money so that I could go on a huge shopping spree in the store, so many nice things are out right now for spring, DYING! Anyways, thoughts?
Thanks for reading and following! *hearts*
Don't be a stranger ;)
1. Sunnie Black Zebra Mesh Flats 2. Grey Cross Print Zipper back dolman tee 3. Gold Triangle Web Necklace 4. Lilac ankle zip stiletto jeans 5. Antique Gold Cross cutout Cuff.


MissAshDG said…
I LOVE That last dress!
theurbanemaven said…
Love you in the tried on outfits! You look great and very slimming.
Unknown said…
They just opened a Torrid near me too which was amazing because the nearest one is a bit of a trek away in traffic. Torrid has been one of my favorite stores since like 2004 or something ridiculous (makes me feel old). I love everything you picked, your hair looks fabulous too, I look like such crap in dressing rooms (that lighting) but you look stunning.

U r so lucky u have two stores near u, we dont have ANY within hundreds of miles from me, well NJ is probably the closest one to me. I love the black button down on you with the jeans, the leopard one as well. The floral dress is gorgeous!
Carissa said…
Those jeans are too cute!!! I am heading that way soon to try a pair on for myself!!!
Oh I love those clothes! They all look fab on you but I think you especially rock the top outfit posted. The off-the-shoulder tops look hot on you! And you're rocking the pants too :)
Anonymous said…
I loved all the stuff you tried! by the way I`m the "fat rolls anonymous" and now I saw your belly and tell you again you don`t have them , it was dåligt kläder val.
Kristel Knows said…
Anonymous! WHY ARE YOU STILL CHOOSING TO BE ANONYMOUS? It feels like I know you in real life, if we know each other, then why don't you let me know who you are, Straight up! BTW it's quite funny that you know more about my body then I do, considering the fact that I'm living WITH it and not you...also, you have not seen my belly. I have a huge load of fat that rolls on my tummy which prevents me to see my private so please...you don't know, stop being stubborn! Thank the TORRID stiletto jeans for having a great fit! ;)
Anonymous said…
Upps! I think You missunderstood my comment, I dont know you,and I have no interest in bothering you,the belly I refered to, is the peek you showed in the fifth picture, I was just trying to express the different point of views people can have on body image.please dont fantasize about an acquaintance leaving you comments in secrecy because Im not.Sorry if my comment disturb you.
Zoe Hyatt said…
I love how you have the black button up top styled (compared to the online image on Torrid's site) -- You look great!

How does the sizing run on that top? Is the waist elastic? I am in between sizes and can't decide whether to get a 1 or a 2.

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