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Hejsan Allihopa!
I don't know why, but when I'm totally broke and can not shop what so ever because I need to spend it on necessities I STILL find myself window shopping in stores and online, almost excessively! WHY do I do that to myself?! It's torture :P LOL. Anybody of you readers do the same?
So I went on to check out their newest released brand collaboration PRABAL GURUNG. (Which I'm loving!) but stumbled upon LABWORKS. How did I miss this brand?!
They offer plus sizes which is awesome! and I'm loving the style and color pallet! The layering is super cool too!
I just had to share, and when I get paid on Thuesday (can't wait!) I'll definitely place an order and try some styles out, the line is only sold Online and not IN stores and prices range is between 22$ to 55$. What are your thoughts about the line?
Have you tried Labworks clothes before or own a piece? Let me know what you think! :D
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Malene said…
Cool pieces! I love the white peplum top and the black peplum-ish blazer too. Pretty!

I do that too. Windowshopping with no money - it hurts. ;)
Marian said…
It's a nice collection! you're lucky if you can put your hands on it!
Unfortunately, they dont seel this brand at my local tartget, only online, i am interested to try some pieces on, i will have to order and see how it fits, great selection!
Oh sorry, i just noticed u said, i thought u said u went to target :))
Unknown said…
I constantly online/window shop when I'm broke, it's a bit of a habit of mine. I had been disappointed with Targets plus size offerings but it's nice to see that they are offering more brands online. I still haven't tried anything peplum but I've been meaning to.

Unknown said…
I buy a lot of clothes from Target and I've seen this brand on line but haven't tried it yet. I'm thinking about that yellow tunic and pants.

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