OOTD: Leather and Denim

Hej Hej!
Another one of my steals from the Forever21 SALE the other week. This amazing denim/faux leather skirt with zippers. So cool! Size 16, fits comfortabli, gapping a little in the back but who cares when you only paid like...5 or 8 bucks for it!  :D
Decided to pair it with a simple white button up shirt, also from Forever21. With some cute pink accessories to give it a more chic-feel and not too edgy.

Omg, I've totally gained weight...I feel it, I really feel it in how I feel and carry myself. So from now on I need to whip myself into shape again and loose those extra pounds, I just want to be more sleek and not so flabby. So I got a comment about my fat rolls. That this Anonyms person said I do NOT have but created by my Body con look, well, Thanks for the compliment ;) but reality is I HAVE THOSE FAT ROLLS already...My hips have that shape. When I gain weight all that weight goes to my tummy and the sides of my hips and just BOINK pops out so I don't have a even curvy hip shape, I more like the michelin man. Haha! Jokes aside, I'm not going to hide my body and my shape but simply work with it, and work ON IT you feel me? :)
I think I'm beautiful, but I feel super flabby, so I've def. gonna work on toning the tummy down a bit, but def. not loose my curves. I just want to feel healthy.
Frikkin' royals man...F the Royal cookies :P LOL

Anyway, life is too short to short...YOLO for real.
Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger ;)
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Jyoti said…
Cookies will be the death of me I swear. xD

I really like how you paired the leather with the white blouse! Super chic!
Jaz said…
Wow! I'm so appreciative that you were honest with us and yourself in this post. We all have those moments when we know we're not at our best. However, I LOVE how you made the decision to keep dressing your best for your shape now while you work on your problems areas. Bravo! for not hiding behind a rock or deciding to pause your blog until you feel you'll photograph better. That's why I love your blog....rock on chica!
deannaerin said…
I just got that skirt as well on the same sale. You wear it so well! xo

I totally understand where you're coming from when you realize you've gotten to a place you don't want to be in your weight. Although I think you're beautiful just how you look now, it's all about how you feel in your own body. I came to that point last October, when my shoulder pains were just too unbearable. I didn't like how I carried my weight. I didn't feel right in my own body. What helped me was switching to an all natural diet. It's not about eating less, but eating the right things. Just start by taking all the processed food out of your house to start. For example, instead of sugar or splenda in your coffee, add an all natural sweetener like honey. There are also some super yummy but very healthy smoothies you can make! I found that going with an all natural diet is the only thing that has worked for me, after years of trying no shed some weight. Since October, I have lost over 30 pounds (that's in only 4 months!), and I feel much healthier, and my shoulder pain has lessened. If you like, I can send you the PDF document I used as a guide to start a meal plan.
Elvisa said…
I only get to shop online at Forever21 and they do not have the same clothes. I'm jelly!!!

Love the skirt and you wear it very well. XxX

This outfit suits you perfectly! Love the leather skirt!

Best Jasmin

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