OOTD: Struggles

Hi lovelies!
I don't know why but I've been feeling so uninspired lately, I have tons of stuff that I need to do but I'm getting nothing done because I'm so frikkin' lazy and tired after or before work. I need to get out of this everyday rut.
I need to post a package to my sister, I need to apply for an Advanced Parole because I have not gotten my Green card yet, I know....I filed in May last year and no word from the USCIS since June after I got transferred to the California Service Center, I did call a few weeks ago and their reply was that they are working as hard as they can to process the work load they have right now. I can't do much more than wait I guess... It's really stressful having to wait so long not knowing what's gonna happen, how much longer is it gonna take? Will I get it before the summer so that I can see my family again back home in Sweden? So I really NEED to apply for this Advanced Parole card so that I can do so, better to be safe then sorry, I need to see my sister for her graduation, she really wants me to be there. :) But yeah, I need to do that, as well as renewing my working card because it expires in July, just in case I wont get my Green card before that, to add is that the processing time estimate for California Service Center is almost 2 years right now, they are super backed up with applications I guess. BUT! My printer isn't working so I need to get that fixed but I haven't had time to take it to Target to replace it because I do have insurance for it. Omg, So many things I need to do NOW and that are super important.
At the same time I'm working working and working...
Still doing one Full time job as well as a part time job.
God please give me strength!
Well, here is an outfit post :) Wish me luck, and fingers crossed that everything will go well and that I will get my Green Card soon.
Thanks for stopping by, Don't be a stranger! ;)
What I'm wearing:
Top from HM, Jeans from Torrid stilettos, Boots from BONGO available at Kmart, Necklace from Ann Taylor, Rings from HM, Watch from BP available at Nordstrom, Gold bangles from HM, Heart bracelet from GUESS.
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Malene said…
Wow, that make-up! So cool. You're beautiful!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Love how you put this outfit together. It looks so great on you. What would you call that shade of red (your sweater)? It compliments your skin tone. Also the the statement necklace... and the pants... and the shoes... lol it all rocks! And that shade of lipstick you're wearing is PERFECT on you. It's a keeper for sure :)
Ticka said…
I'm wishing you much luck!! You're looking fab all the way!!

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