Eye Candy

Hi Babes!
Ah, I must say that I've been on a little bit of a fashion journey since starting working at Ann Taylor and also just living here in the U.S. for the past year, That's right! ;) I'm celebrating my 1 year anniversary today! Can't believe it's been a year already! INSANE!
Anyways, I'm feeling like I've really found my style, I've found a better creative thinking and effortlessness when getting dressed everyday. I take more risks. Especially when I go to work, I look dope! ;) I can with most certainty say that I'm the most fashionable and stylish size 16, plus size girl in our store, I'm the only one but...HAHA!:P I'm owning it!
 So my biggest obsession before was...lipsticks? Rings? LOL I'm mad, I go through these phases all the time, so my latest right now are accessories and Statement necklaces in particular. And below are a few of my favorites ones from Ann Taylor at the moment, delicious eye candy! I own the gold chain with white beads! LOVE IT!!
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Jenny said…
I love the first one!

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