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In one of my latest post I wrote about Tara Lynn being the front Plus size model for Lindex's Plus line GENEROUS. Loving it! And their newly introduced "EDGY URBAN JUNGLE" -Line, which I totally dig. Love the prints, pop of color together with the "army" greens. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the line put together.
The green parkas jacket is my absolute favorite, it's 699 SEK which comes out to about a 100 USD+, I want this jacket so bad! It's the perfect Parkas!!! I'm dying!!! :P Feel me? I haven't been able to find a plus size jacket like that here in the U.S. and if I do, it's like gone the next day, totally sold out. I'm referring to the awesome one from Forever21+ that had sweatshirt sleeves, I reaaaally liked that one but I waited too long to buy it and now its....gone...*tears*
Anyway, any tips on where to score a similar jacket? Pleeeaaase let me know! :)
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Thanks guys!
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Nina said…
Hey Jennifer,
I don't know if you remember me but i used to blog back in the day and you would always stop by my blog! It's so great that your still blogging, it inspired me to start again. But yeah I know which parka your talking about from forever 21, i wanted that same one too. I'm loving the second and third outfits you put together! :) Have a great day! ~ Nina

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