Tara Lynn for Lindex Generous

Hejsan allihopa!
So browsing on to Lindex.se online store tonight I was happily surprised to see that they are featuring their Plus size line "GENEROUS" with amazing and beautiful plus size model Tara Lynn! My personal favorite! Love love love her! I have to give a huge KUDOS to Lindex for improving their plus line, it just keeps getting better and better! More fashion forward and trendy, and not too much old scrub looking tops and pants with no flattering fit, you feel me, OUT with that and IN with more stylish pieces, and that is exactly what they have started to do! Loving it!
I'm like twisting and turning in my seat here in NJ, USA, looking at all these awesome pieces that I WANT and I'm dying because I can't buy it online because they don't ship to the U.S. so in my head I'm already calculating shipping costs etc if I would ordered it anyway and just have it shipped to my Swedish home address and then have my sister send it to me but then I'll be like Uuuuhh! No too complicated. LOL :P
Whyyyyyy....Please Lindex start shipping to the U.S. ;)
Love this Urban, djungle, edgy-ness thing going on! And their jackets are amazing! They carry this amazing Parkas jacket that I can not find here in the U.S. that I need in my life. More on that later...I'll show you guys what I'm talking about...more on Lindex's plus size line pieces later on :)
Thanks for stopping by,
Generous tara-lynn-for-lindex Tara-lynn-for-lindex-plus-size-line Tara-lynn-for-generous


stalkergurl_94 said…
jasså... här tar man systern förgivet alltså...... okej jag förstår.... jag förstår............ SKOJAAAAAAAAAAA i can chip to you världens finaste plussize asian out there!!!!!! LAB YO! BA.

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