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Wanted to share one of my favorite trends this season, PRINT ON PRINT! I know...scary, BUT! You can make it work! I promise, without looking like a clown. The trick is to match the prints together with a neutral colored print, Do color together with a neutral, easy! That's the best place to start at to later explore in more prints and colors, it's all up to you! Whatever you feel the most comfortable with ;) In this post I've picked a few of my favorite combinations of prints and colors put together. I love this trend, because it's fun! And you can be really playful with it, spring is just around the corner and it screams for prints, flowers and polka dots, stripes etc. AND COLORS! YOLO! :P haha!
Some plus size retailers has made it real simple for you and went a head and put the PRINT ON PRINT trend on "one piece" already. Here you don't have to worry about what goes with what etc. Just throw it on and you're done! Good to go!
 Examples below, from an easy stage to hard, find your favorite "print on print" piece!
From top to bottom: Asos Curve, Igigi, Asos Curve, Igigi, Igigi, Asos Curve.
Combine two prints, in the same color, preferably a neutral. Forexample: Black and White.
print-on-print-medium print-on-print-medium-1
From top to bottom: Asos Curve, Igigi, Asos Curve, Asos Curve, Asos Curve, SimplyBe.
Combine 2 or more prints with a pop of color together with a neutral. For example a black and white Polka Dot print with stripes with an added pop of orange color.
print-on-print-hard print on print hard1
From top to bottom: Avenue, Eloquii, Asos Curve, Asos Curve, SimplyBe, Asos Curve.
Combine multiple prints with multiple colors. Go bananas. ;)
Of course there are many "print on print" pieces that does NOT go together that are absolutely disastrous! I have many examples of those too, but more on that another time. But like I said, it's all up to you what you think works for YOU! Maybe you think that the above examples that I personally like are hideous ones,'s all up to the every individual what they want to wear or not even though it's bananas in my eyes. I might love it, who knows. I love when people goes bananas with their own personal style and owns it. It's the best ever to witness. Right?! :D
Lets have some fun with it!
Thanks for reading and following.
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Anonymous said…
I really need to try print on print asap. Great tips and suggestions xx

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