OOTD: Elevated

Hey Babes!
Hope all is well, can't believe its MAY already!
It's been more than a year now since I moved here from Sweden. I miss home, I miss my Mom and Dad, I want to hug them again and feel their parenting loving touch you know. So I can feel a little like a child again, here in the U.S. all by myself...I mean I have friends and a new family here but...it's not completely the same. I miss old sister tasks, things that I do around my siblings. They are not here and I'm not there with them and it's breaking my heart. I NEED to go back home and see my family this summer, I MUST! Even if it means I'll be piss broke. Tickets to Sweden are SO expensive right now for June, it's insane! They usually go for around 700$ if you're lucky. Now the tickets from Newark Airport are around 1200$ *dying* WHY!!!!???? God...that is ONE month of pay for me working full time....I know...it's sad man....I work like a dog with shit pay...sorry JOB I love you but you're leaving me short here. AND my spending habits aren't helping me.
Fingers crossed I get my hands on a ticket soon.
Good news are that I finally got my GREEN CARD! YAY! :D
So I can now travel outside of the U.S. So there will be no need for an Advance Parole anymore. :)
Anyways, on to the outfit below. My favorite heels from Ann Taylor went on SALE the other day and with an extra 40% OFF I had to buy them. I've been wanting a classic and chic pair of heels like these for a long time. Such a steal. Reg. price 118$ and got them on sale for 42$.
Love how it elevates a everyday comfortable look and makes it super chic. Jeans and a printed tee, add heels and a statement necklace and VOILA.
Take care lovelies. Don't be a stranger ;)
What I'm wearing:
Tee from Ann Taylor, Jeans from Torrid Stilettos, Watch from Bp Nordstrom, Heels from Ann Taylor, Necklace from Ann Taylor, Ring from XSRE.
DSCN1542 DSCN1544 DSCN1549 DSCN1548 DSCN1555nn DSCN1556


Ticka said…
Cute!! Love the fit of those jeans on you!! And those heels are sexy!
Plush Plum said…
I adore the necklace. Such a fun way to dress up the pullover!

http://www.plush-plum.com- a plus(h) size fashion blog
MissAshDG said…
I love this!! The heels rly top it off

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