OOTD: Summer is here!...Kind of.

Hej Babes!
Hope all is well with you all :) Haven't updated in a few days, I've had a smack packed week with work. So happy this week is over!! Because next week I only work 4 days and then I'm OFF, OFF to Sweden! YAY! So excited, can't wait! It's unreal! Like I'm going home! It's been  more than a year now! 1 year and 3 months! Damn.
I'll be staying for 10 days, wish I could stay longer but this lady got to make that money when she gets home. ;) You feel me. Cause I'll be taking off work for FFFWEEK as well so...yeah....haha! Totally worth it but I don't have a lot of paid vacation days yet so. OMG! This summer is gonna be....AMAAAAZIIIIING!!!

So I few days ago the weather was amazing, it was getting warmer, more humid! sunny! We frikkin' had to turn on the AC one day, but these past two days have been freezing! It's insane! Feels like time reversed itself  2 months. It's windy and cold! Brr!!
So yea, I wore this outfit last weekend. Feel so summery wearing a maxi skirt and walking barefoot in the backyard. :)

Don't be a stranger!

ALSO! Don't forget to vote for you favorite LANE BRYANT LOOK! At the Lane Bryant Fashion Style-OFF.

What I'm wearing:
Top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from HM, Headband from Lane Bryant, Various rings.
DSCN1655 DSCN1649 DSCN1647 DSCN1643 DSCN1646 DSCN1641


annikaherz said…
woow you look great :)
clemence said…
I love the outfit
Deejay Speaks said…
you look downright lovely, this look is comfortable and comes off bohemian love it!
Deejay Speaks
Malene said…
I remember this skirt from last summer, right? I'm still jealous! It's beautiful!

I know I've asked you before, but I'm not sure you ever answered. Are you going to do a summer challenge again this year? Last year was so much fun! I can understand if your too busy to do so, I just wanted to ask - and let you know I'll take part if you choose to do it again!

Unknown said…
OMG! That sheer skirt is CUTE!!! Love the bohemian look on you.

~Nique {http://www.niqueinthemiddle.com/}
Plush Plum said…
The skirt is perfect with the headband - very boho! Love it.

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Love the sheer skirt. Great look for the summer!

Unknown said…
Wow, I loooove your style. I'm so glad I found your blog!!

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