Summer is officially here, it's humid and hot! Especially here in Jersey, it's like walking into a wall of heat as soon as you step out of the house. It's hard to dress comfortably, you almost don't want to wear clothes at all, haha! So I personally opt for flow-y and light materials. Nothing clingy! I'll wear a pair of denim shorts and a cute top sometimes, but the piece of clothing that makes me feel the most comfortable during hot summer is the MAXI dress, a couple years ago I never wore Maxi dresses, I thought they were to unflattering on my bigger and short body :P But I invited the maxi dress into my wardrobe, I gave it a chance, I experimented ;) and I now love it!
It's comfortable, it's chic, and feminine!
And don't be a afraid to play with prints and colors, but if it makes you feel more comfortable to start off with a solid color, go head! ;) I need to add a couple of more dresses into my wardrobe, I'm currently looking for a black and white basic striped one, but also for a fun and vibrant one, like the V-neck flower print one above from Roamans! It just speaks to me!
The other three maxi dresses are from Roamans as well. When it comes to plus size clothing, I find that Macy's and Roaman's have a great selection of styles. Go check it out! Roamans sizes range from W14 to W32, which is amazing!
I really need this flower print one, it's just so romantic and pretty! Should I? Nay or Yay? :P
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Cosmic said…
yay, go for it and embrace the summer! :-)
Jaxx said…
Go for it, just found your blog, I love that dress as well. :)

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