FFFWEEK: Denim and Diamonds Launch Party

Hej Hej!
Omg, please forgive me that I've been so slow on updating the blog during Full Figured Fashion Week. It was such a fun and busy week, loved every minute of it. Commuted back and forth from Jersey to NYC, well worth it. Took off work, so I wouldn't miss a thing. It was amazing to see all the blogger girls again, as well as meeting new people and finally people in real life, it was really cool!
So FFFWeek is officially over now, and...yeah, can't wait till next years! I'll most likely still be in Jersey so, if next years FFFWeek is going to be held in NYC again I most definitely will be there ;)
Anyway, on to the coverage of the week that's been. So I posted about the Ashley Stewart Blogger breakfast in my previous post, later the same day there was a Fashion Front gathering, which I was late to cause I got stuck in massive traffic, god I hate NYC Traffic, Followed by the "Denim and Diamonds Launch Party" and the Stellan. It was a lot of fun!!!
Got perfectly tipsy, haha, and mingled, saw a bunch of familiar faces, it was so nice seeing everybody and meeting the girls in the Fashion Front, such as Gaelle from The Curvy and Curly Closet, Karen from a Curvy Canadian, and Rebecca from The Plus Side of Me. To only name a few.
I was trying to REPRESENT haha wearing the Swedish flag colors, blue and yellow, heeey! ;) and I did my nails, like the flag, cute right! Yeah...that's why I missed my buss and got stuck in traffic, my own fault, one and a half hour on the bus, the ride usually takes like 30 min, oh my god!
...the music was pumpin', it was crowded, the energy was great!
I stayed until the space was pretty much cleared, and after that had a burger with Olivia from Wait Until The Sunset and her fiancĂ© Ben and then jumped on the bus back to Jersey and crashed.  
Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

What I'm wearing:
Peplum top from NY and CO, Belt from Ann Taylor, Bag from NY and Co, Jeans from Torrid, Heels from Skopunkten.
denim Blue and yellow, blue and yellow. haha! What I wore for the Denim and Diamonds Party. And posing with Gaelle my fellow European.denim22 Got to met up with Rebecca again, which was super nice! And a close up of MA' NAILS!
denim3 Ashley from This is Ashley Rose and Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou, The Lovely SONSI girls handing out NYC Survival kits, loved them! Rebecca, me and FFFWEEK's The FACE Toy. Also group shot with Rebecca, me, Ashley, and Danimezza.
denim4 Totally dig Gwen DeVoe's "BOSS" print Tshirt, Also a shot of me together with Danielle from Danimezza.
denim5 Maddie from Plus Model Mag and I, Love OLIVIA from Wait until the Sunset she's so much fun! Gorgeous Ty from Gorgeous in Grey and Monique from Curves and Chaos.
Sam from Curvy Sam, she's such a sweetheart! Love her! On the coach Ivory from Ivory Jinelle, Chante from Everything Curvy and Chic, and Inez from Style Chic 360 (she's so sweet too!)


Ontheqtrain said…
Amazing photos Jen!! Its crazy that I haven't seen you this whole time but you were every where!!

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