SWEDEN: I've Arrived!

Hi everyone!
I'm in Sweden now! It's a little bitter sweet because where I live, in my little town, it feels like time stopped haha! :P I'm like, what happen? Did I even leave? Was I even gone for more than a year?
But it's beautiful here! It's clean and the air is crisp. (But first day I came it was HOT HOT HOT!)
Where I live outside of the city it's very country side-like. But I love it. It just sucks that it's 20min outside of the city. Just had a super cozy breakfast with the family outside on the terrace.
So far I've just been cozying it up with my mom on Friday night the first day I came, yesterday I met up with my girl Tess, went to the local mall...which is like the size of 1/5 of Garden State Plaza mall, so small, but it's cool. :) Met up with my brother (Love my bro! He just told me he got me a tattoo appointment on Friday as my Bday present, BEST PRESENT EVER!) and his girlfriend, had a nice dinner out with dad and all of us, followed by a movie night, it's so weird that 2 days has went by already.
Ok, got to go now! :D
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Going back home to visit your family is the best thing ever, priceless. The moments with them are unforgettable, i know...enjoy every moment!

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