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I love bright colors, blues, yellows, pinks. the list is long. But if I have to pick two favorite colors it would be black and white! For sure, might sound boring and plain. Too simple? But I really think black and white are the easiest colors to wear and they work great together!
Color blocking, prints and patterns.
It's so easy to wear! Which you can add a pop of color to by wearing a bright statement necklace or maybe a belt, bag or color-popping shoes! There are many options. I love easy to wear clothing, and you can go more easier than wearing a classic "tee". Some of these "tees" bellow are from Simons, a online store that I just stumbled upon, they carry sizes up to XL, and with the right fabrics these tees from Simons would fit the curvy girl like a glove ;) and they have cool tees starting at as low as $9.99.
You know me, I love a bargain!
Also, Love Culture has started their own Plus size line! So excited! It's a lot of typical "wholesale" pieces, but good ones. Check it out!
How would you style your black and white tee?
blackwhite blackwhite2
 1. Love Culture Plus+ 2. Simons 3. Love Culture Plus+ 4. Simons 5. HM+ 6. Simons
I would pair my black and white outfit with a bright statement necklace in pink! I love black and white together with pink. It's sweet, yet chic! If you're afraid of wearing bright colors, this option is a great way to incorporating color to your outfits. It wont be too loud, and you'll get to warm up to those color-popping shades. It doesn't have to be a necklace, it can be anything, like I mention before...I belt, bag or shoes! :)
In my latest outfit I wore all black and white, but did a bright pink lip! You can do color-popping make-up as well. Be creative ;)
Until next time,
7. Forever21+ 8. Simons 9. Simons 10. Forever21+ 11. Love Culture Plus+ 12. Simons 13. Love Culture Plus+ 14. HM
blackwhite3 blackwhite4


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