FFFWEEK: Bloomingdales Fashion Show

Hi Everyone, here comes another FFFWEEK update!
Thursday started off with a "Social Media 101" workshop, which was interestinga and which I learned some from, social media wise I'm not that big on Twitter for example, although I've been working on it lately. So I feel more confident in myself now dealing with social media, like Ty Said from Gorgeous in Grey "Find your voice for the different platforms" Also something that I will be taking with me from the workshop is the three tips PR-Agent Dina Fierro gave "Be clever, Be Useful, Be Interesting!"
After the workshop me and my Fashion Front girlies headed over the Bloomingdales in NYC for the Plus size fashion show. We came early to get front row seats, was super excited about that! But I have to be honest! The wait for the show to begin was not as exciting. It was more than an hour and a half late and we were all sitting on these tiny little wooden chairs that were uncomfortable and hey! Most of us girls at the shows have big butts! ;) so yeah, it was not that comfortable. As excited as I was to get to sit in the very front to get a great view of the styles strutting their stuff on the runway at the time the show started my excitement had hit bottom. Most of us was dehydrating after getting so warm, waiting, because it got super hot in the area as it got more and more crowded. The "Bloomingdales-staff" that served finger food and drinks seemed to forget the very end of the runway where me and Ashley were sitting where we were close to passing out because of the heat, and as other staff members came out to give re-fills we didn't have a glass and couldn't get water, so we asked "Can we get a glass so we can have some water?" The guy responded "I don't do that, I just give re-fills" which really upset me. You cant go tell your staff/co-workers to head out as soon as they get the chance with some more glasses of water? Really? Specifically to the end of the runway, they started at the front, ran out of glasses and disappeared. I just hope it wont be the same next year, I know it's a free show but...come on. I don't know...I work in service and if someone is dehydrating it's urgent to serve water quickly, especially as the show started very late you didn't expect to have to be there for that long. As far as I know there was no apology nor update on why the show was late so we were all waiting like huge question marks. I could see the frustration on so many peoples faces.
:( People left the show early, even before it even started.
What I'm wearing:
Dress from HM, belt from Ann Taylor, Flats from Love Culture, Bag from NY and Co, Earrings from Francesca, Bracelet from Ashley Stewart.
bloomingdale PicMonkey Collage Karen and I from Curvy Canadian :)
PicMonkey Collage3
The show was alright, some nice pieces from Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, Those designers were my favorites. But some clothes were too big on the models and ill-fitting, just saying. It wasn't too inspiring. I have to be honest, just my feedback to make next years experience for all the people that came to see the fashion show better. :) I did however love the commentary between Gwen and stylists Meaghan from Little Lime Dress Corrinn Liche’t of The Fuller Figure and Steffany Allen of Steffy Full Style. Brilliant! It was interesting to hear their input on styles and styling. Thank girls!

Until Next time,
Lots of love


Falala Mele said…
Yes this whole event was horrible. I felt really bad for some older ladies who came by to see the show. There was no seating, it was over crowded and terrible. At first I thought it was fun to try and get a good view but after hiding in the clothes rack for like 40 minutes I was really over it. This event is what stood out the most and even though I didn't attend all of the events it had me feeling relived that I didn't. Such a waste of precious time for those visiting NYC. To the organisers you need to treat your guests like customers....I don't think I will ever feel the urge to go to Bloomingdales after this. Everyone said the organiser was late because she was getting her makeup done. SMH.
Gwen DeVoe said…
Thanks for this post and for posting your comments here. We apologize for the lateness of the show and hope that this does not occur next year. Traffic in NYC is a beast and even though I left an hour early, I still got stuck coming from hosting another event.

Unfortunately, the event is a free event and open to the public so we cannot completely control the overcrowding. Bloomingdales wanted to start the seating part much earlier this year so that people could enjoy the complimentary drinks and snacks as opposed to last year when people arrived two hours before showtime to get a seat and had to stand waiting for the area to "open".

In terms of my being late because I was getting my makeup done....I arrived ready (including make-up) and was given a 10 minute briefing on the show. I did however get my lipstick refreshed which is what guests might have seen.

Our event is so popular that I dont think that Bloomingdales is able to accommodate the numbers any longer, but I will definitely give them this feedback.

Thank you.

Gwen DeVoe
Unknown said…
I completely agree. It was very unprofessional to show up almost 2 hours late. And then the fashion was lackluster. It was ridiculous. Just when I was about to leave, that's when i finally started. I stayed for about 6 or 7 looks and I was over it.
Falala Mele said…
Hi Gwen,

I appreciate your response to this post. It's never an easy job organising EVERYTHING and that is essentially what you have to do. It seems as though FFFW keeps growing dramatically every year so it's almost impossible to anticipate turn outs to free events.

I'm sure you get it...... most people were unhappy with this event (and it's always easier to find fault in the work of others) but I have heard feedback that the other shows were good. I was unable to purchase tickets for these events as they sold out before I had the funds to do so :(
Attending this event wasn't a fun or inspiring experience but it just means there is room for improvement and I'm sure you guys are already busy evaluating and getting ready for next year.

Overall I LOVED the opportunity to meet many of my favourite bloggers and be inspired by those I had never met before. Everyone came together for FFFW and I thank you and your team for all your ideas and efforts. I am looking forward to next years FFFW and hope that I can make it again. If not, I hope I can catch all the photographs and recounts from Fashion Fronters like Jassifer. Blessings x
Garnerstyle said…
You know I saw you at the Torrid event and did not put 2 and 2 together. I'm not sure why, but I thought you'd be taller LOL. I saw a post go by on instagram and I through oh shit that girl in the cat shaped glasses was JasiferLions. Please blame it on the head not the heart. I totally agree with you on EVVVERRRYTHING! I hope to you see you at some other other event. You're in Cali right?

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