FFFWEEK: Indie Designer Showcase Pt.3

Hi Everyone!
Here comes another Full Figured Fashion Week update from the Indie Designer Showcase. This is the last recap, I really tried to fit everything into one post but I couldn't because, you know me, I love pictures and I want to share all that I can haha! :P You know when you're watching a show/movie and you're really enjoying it, you get comfortable, and you don't want it to end! That how I felt, I really didn't want it to end. But when it did I just couldn't wait to come back and see the Retailer/Boutique Showcase.
I really enjoyed T-Tyme Lady Couture's collection, lots of flattering ruffles/peplums on dresses and jumpsuits. The collection was very feminine and sweet. Lots of nice colors! I love colors so...I loved this! Love the wide skirts and pink shades, super cute! I really need the bodycon, light pink, peplum dress in my life, my absolute favorite!
Nakimuli entered the runway after T-Tyme, and we went from soft and sweet to edgy and urban.
Interesting and unique prints, love the cropped tops together with the high waisted bottoms, totally flattering for a curvy fashionista. ;) You got to check out their website, their newest bikini sets look amazing! Love the prints, love the colors, and you can never go wrong with a high waist bikini bottom!
Not only was RUE 114 one of my favorite designers, Live Unlimited was as well! As their website is still under construction you can find their collection at EVANS.com. I'm European and our fashion is a little bit different than American fashion. It's just a bit more modern, in my eyes. I love the simple designs, with lots of interesting layering and subtle prints. Nice cuts and shapes, I see myself wearing every piece in this collection, so me! I love love love layering! Spring and Fall are my favorite season when you can do that, and these clothes would look awesome with boots/booties, cool jackets, and scarfs. Also, I love leggings so, this collection just had me at the at that. Leggings for the win! ;)
Which collection is was your absolute favorite of them all?
Next recap will be the Retailer/Boutique Showcase so stay tuned ;)
DSCN3039 - 720
T-Tyme Lady Couture tytime1 tytime2 tytime3 DSCN3045 - 720 tytime4
T-Tyme Lady Couture designer Natarsha Shearin gives her thanks on the Runway. Love her, such great energy! Next up...Nakimuli.

DSCN3057 - 720 nakamu nakamu2 nakamu3 DSCN3079 - 720
Love this picture! From Nakimuli.
nakamu4 DSCN3117
Live Unlimited ulimited3 ulimited ulimited2 ulimited5
Live Unlimited exits the runway as the last Indi Designer in this showcase. Super satisfied with the show! It was amazing! final
Models enter the runway for a last walk.


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