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Hej Allihopa!

Here comes another Full Figured Fashion Week Update/Recap! I know it's been a while since the last update, so sorry for that, I'm going to wrap it up shortly. ;)
So on Saturday night it was time for the final runway show, the Retailer and Boutique Showcase. Haven gotten a taste of the INDI showcase the day before, I was even more excited to see this one as well! The show was amazing, and being able to come to the ballroom at Broad Street felt awesome!
The runway had a clean and chic decoration, white paper flowers on the walls and along the side of the runway, it looked really nice. I liked this runway look the most. I love how clean and bright it looked. It really made the fashion on the runway shine!

I was wearing this simple chic, blue dress from Scarlett & Jo (available at Evans!) Thought it'd be appropriate for the occasion, since Evans was showing that night, so I was super excited about that! AND I got the meet the girls from Evans, and Scarlett & Jo and they loved the dress on me! I couldn't had been happier, thanks girls! I love the dress, thanks you so much for it!
They served some finger food and red wine. I'm such a clumsy person, so of course I spilled wine on myself, and the worst kind of wine as well, RED! Luckily since the dress was blue, when it dried, you couldn't really see the red wine stains, thank god! I felt horrible about spilling the wine, god, I should have known better not to drink red wine, I don't even prefer red wine, I like white haha! Anyways...

What I'm wearing:
Dress from Scarlett & Jo, Shoes from Ann Taylor, Watch from Lane Bryant.
retailer retailer2
Grisel and Allie looking beautiful together, Maddie from Plus Model Mag, Stunning Rosie Mercado, loved the dress she was wearing and just had to snap a photo! ;)

Before the show started I got the chance to meet the gorgeous plus size model Grisel Paula , she was super sweet, so happy I got the meet her and take a photo together :)

So the seats we got this night were so much better than last nights, These seats were great for taking photos of the gorgeous looks strutting down the runway, so I was super excited about that!
Curvy Couture started off the shoes with some sexy, feminine and romantic lingerie. Really loved the cute flower head pieces, and sparkly "walking" canes. It kind of gave me the Victoria Secret feeling, which was awesome! How often to you see "plus size" girls strut their stuff down the runway in flattering and sexy lingerie, exuding confidence and sass? Not often, so I'm so happy I got to see this.
Followed was Dean of Fashion, they had some gorgeous pieces like the pink sparkly skirt and the multi colored maxi dress. I couldn't imagine myself wearing all of their pieces but the collection was definitely inspiring, the models looked beautiful and confident! What do you think?
After that EVANS took the runway, I loved EVANS! So I was most excited to see their fashion on the runway, and they didn't disappoint. I love their simple and chic looks! The Scarlett & Jo pieces looked amazing too, their dresses are to die for! ;) My favorite look was the black and white tunic, with the tie around the waist! I need it in my life.

retail3 DSCN3160 - 720 retail4 retail5 DSCN3176 - 720 DSCN3177 - 720
Curvy Couture by Dora Lau

retail6 retail7 DSCN3189 retail8
Dean of Fashion by Ashley Dean DSCN3207 retail9 retail10 DSCN3212 retail11

Thanks for following and reading!
Stay tuned for more FFFWEEK updates and recaps!


Thickspot said…
I actually really like Evans collection! I don't shop from there often but it was exciting to see! Looking forward, and u look sooo pretty! www.thickdaddys.blogspot.com

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