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This post is long over-due. Went on a fun beach day with my girl Shay from A Thick Girls Closet, later joined by Myah. It was a beautiful day, great weather, great company, we came prepared with cold drinks and some snacks. We got their early when the beach wasn't too crowded, got a good spot and relaxed the whole day and got some sun.
My back got a little too much sun, or should I say way too much sun. I burned my whole back side! It was horrible. I f-ed up! I hate myself for not applying sunblock thoroughly on my WHOLE back, jeez Jen. I was red like a lobster and the pain....don't get me started on the pain...
I'm good now though, so thank god for that!
We went to Coney Island in Brooklyn NYC, I'm so happy I got to go there. Thanks Shay for putting this together. We need to do another beach day soon! I'd never been there before, but heard lots about it. I like how the beach is free, in Jersey there's fees to get on the beach.........I's ridiculous. However...the water wasn't that clean, I'm not picky...but it was kind of crazy how a plastic straw and spoon would float by me when taking a dip...I'm like what the? really? come on people! the ocean is not a trash can! Am I right?

However it was nice to get into a two piece again and flaunting those curves and honoring my body. Not giving a crap about what anybody else thinks I look like in a two piece aka "Fatkini" ;) So liberating! I used to beat myself up back in the days, being so insecure on the beach/at the lake. Just feeling like peoples judgmental eyes were on me, it's so nice to not think about that and to choose to just be happy, love myself, and feel comfortable, and just enjoy the beautiful day at the beach.
Any girl out there that are afraid of wearing a two piece, please don't feel discouraged! Please don't be afraid, you're not alone! If we can do it, you can do it! ;) let your confidence shine!
beachBeach2 beach3
I decided to wear my new high waisted bikini bottom that I scored on my visit back home in Sweden, at one of my favorite stores MONKI, just fell in love with the artistic and fun black and white print and figured it would be easy to pair with any bikini top. This day I just went with a simple bandeau top. Shay and Myah looked fabulous in bright colors and prints, loved it! Next time I go to the beach I must wear something colorful! :D
Even though I burned my back severely it was so nice to chill and spend some time together catching up on life. After the beach we had some dinner, continued the chatting over great food, Took a ride through Brooklyn, my first time riding a car in Brooklyn (counting out cabs) in the city...which was exciting, omg, the things I get excited about haha! I'm silly like that. I feel asleep in the backseat :P I was beat and in pain. But I wouldn't had change that day at all, it was so much fun!
It's pretty much August already and summer is almost over, I need to get another beach day crammed in there before it's too late. 
What I'm wearing:
Bikini top from ELLOS, Bikini bottom from MONKI, Dress from HM Garden Collection, Prescription sunglasses from
 beach4 beach5


Unknown said…
Oh what I would give to be by the beach now. You looked like you had fun.


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