OOTD: Not Bad For $10

Hi Everyone!
Hope all is well, had a super fun day at the beach with my Girls Myahdellese Jones an awesome photographer may I add, and Shay from a Thick Girls Closet yesterday at Coney Island. I got burned so bad on my back, I didn't even realize it at the time, but as soon as I stepped out of that beach I was ON FIRE! I've gotten burned before but this...wow, I feel so stupid for not re-applying more sunscreen to my back, my fault, it sucks! So I'm keeping myself all lotioned-up with Aloe and other pain relief creams and hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. It feels like I have a thousand needles on my back, I'm red, almost purple (I know, it's really bad) and oozing heat. I've read about the black tea bags thing as well, and I might try that later. Wish me luck ;)
Bought this blue beauty on SALE at HM for only $10. Such a steal, I love it!
 Also scored these studded heels from HM as well, I love their look. I just had to have them.
This look is so easy to wear, the dress is interesting as it is with it's black trims, color and print, and with these statement shoes, it just pulls it all together. Simple and Chic! ;)

Don't be a stranger!

What I'm wearing:
Dress from HM, Shoes from HM, Gold Watch from PB Nordstrom.
DSCN3551 blue blue3 blue2


Unknown said…
I'm loving this dress and I can't believe it was such a steal! Those shoes are HOT!!! Really loving this look!
Cosmic said…
You need lashings and lashings of cacoa butter, even Palmer's will do( It really works,really soothing too:-)!

Love your frock, so pretty:-)
Stacie Raye said…
Wish I had seen this dress the last time it was at H&M. Definitely would have bought it. Looks great on you.

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