OOTD: Years first short shorts

Time flies! Summer is almost half way done already and I haven't been wearing my "beloved" Short shorts so far, until now! I wore them almost all through last summer, I have way to many shorts in my wardrobe :P The ones I'm wearing I made myself!
By buying a pair of men's jeans at Walmart, I cut them, and added the details, they are a little wide around the waist, but with a belt, voila! Perfect. It is so easy to make them, I bought the studs online on Ebay, I still have a ton of them left, and wearing these shorts again makes my creative pulse beat real hard again, last summer I was in a major "arts and crafts" mood. I kind of want to pick that up again, I love being creative! I have some more ideas on necklaces and bracelets I want to make. :) Just wish I had more time. Working two jobs is hard and doesn't leave much time left for spare time.
Tomorrow I'll post another FFFWEEK recap of the Indie Showcase so stay tuned ;)
What I'm wearing:
Top from Forever21, Shorts DIY, Various bracelets and rings, Shoes from Zara, Belt from Lindex.
shirts2 DSCN3538 DSCN3537 shirts


Ontheqtrain said…
Love this look! The shoes look amazing!!
annikaherz said…
love this look on you!
I feel so shammed out of the summer! I didn't get to wear half of the things I really wanted to wear. I still have yet to rock some fun shorts.
Deejay Speaks said…
I really should have bought a pair of shorts like these, I always tell myself I'll experiment with a pair and never do this look makes me want to do it more now, and by the way great shoes!
The Eye
Unknown said…
Loving this look! I really love the idea of getting some men's jeans and creating your own unique style. Loving how you added the studs so chic! and those shoes are AMAZING!!!!
I think you just gave me a DIY for the summer, thinking of stopping by my local walmart this weekend and get my creative juices flowing!
Cosmic said…
looking good, gorgeous!
Unknown said…
You're such a pretty girl, these are fabulous shorts. I wish I was comfortable enough with my legs to wear shorts.

his_girl_friday said…
Your short-shorts are cute, and those shoes are to DIE for!

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