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I wasn't that prepared on what to wear for Full Figured Fashion Week, I know some planed their outfits. I wish I could had done that too but I'm always so busy working, and being in Sweden a week before FFFWEEK there wasn't much time for planning ;) But thought, Hey! Whatever I found in Sweden that I love, I'll totally wear...like the White dress I wore for the "curves at sea", loved that one! But Omg, I had NO idea what to wear for the INDI showcase, and I heard it's the night to "go big" in terms of unique and vibrant outfits. So I got a little nervous about what to wear, but got reminded about this beauty from Ann Taylor that I scored in sale. Fell in love with this fun paisley print, and print blocking. Being colorful and different I figured it would be perfect for the occasion :)
But omg, everybody looked so amazing! Wearing creative and vibrant outfits. Totally inspired me for what to wear next year!
Lots of Love
What I'm wearing:
Dress from Ann Taylor, Flats from HM, Necklace from Ann Taylor.
indieoutfit indieoutfot2
Marie from the Curvy Fashionsta and I, Loved her colorful maxi dress from Dean Of Fashion. Plus Britney, Friends of Rebecca from the plus side of me :)
The Fashion Front, Picture from Rebecca The Plus Side Of Me! Miss your girls! :)


Unknown said…
You look amazing! I love the prints on the dress you're wearing from Ann Taylor. Looks like the event was so much fun and everyone had a good time. Can't wait to see what you wear next year, but I love this year's look!
Siki-Lou said…
Jen I love this dress! I wish I scored tickets for the Indie show, it looked like so much fun! :) xx
Maria said…
Omg sååå himla fin när du ler!!

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