OUTFIT / Kitten Heel

Hej Hej!

Just making a quick Outfit update before I crash into bed, so sleepy. Got an early morning tomorrow but really just wanted to share this before tomorrow :) I scored these Ann Taylor kitten heels on SALE working this weekend, as I was helping a client find her size by calling another store near by, I was holding the 8 1/2 in my hand that she'd tried on that were too big and she needed an 8, and as I held them I was like, damn, I need these shoes, they are HOT!
They looked great on her, and omg! I love them on me too. I don't mind the kitten heel. It's classy, feminine, not at all maternally looking. Because of it's trendy single strap/ankle strap style it looks just right! ;) and your feet wont die right away with the small heel. WIN WIN!

They were originally 118$, but bought them for 29.99$. HALF OFF SALE BABY! And this is not my employee discount, this was the store promotion, you guys! If you haven't checked out Ann Taylors sale yet, you're missing out! Fabulous and trendy shoes/accessories that are super fashionable, and they do carry size XL in stores, and XXL online. As well as sizes up to 14 in stores and up to size 18 online. And sometimes, people do online returns on those bigger sizes, so that's when you can score your size, like me :), size 16 IN store, love when that happens. As much as I don't like the dreaded "returns", I do love when I can score MY size dress for example on sale. haha!
Decided to go simple, wearing white and black, with gold. Love this combo!
Anyways, going to bed, GOODNIGHT! :D
What I'm wearing:
Skirt from Ann Taylor, Shirt from XLNT available at kappahl, Heels from Ann Taylor, Watch from BP available at Nordstrom, statement necklace from HM.
DSCN3703 DSCN3692 at2 at DSCN3686
Damn those flies and bugs!


Stephanie said…
You look gorgeous
Unknown said…
I love a very classic kitten heel and I'm loving yours because the ankle strap really updated the look. I, too love the Black, White and Gold combo and you have put it together very well.
That skirt is too cute!
Unknown said…
This is such a put together look! I wasn't that familiar with Ann Taylor but I visited the website and they have some really cute things. You are quite the beauty.

Erin Elizabeth said…
What an adorable outfit! I will definitely have to replicate this for work! Thanks for the inspiration.

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