Boyfriend jeans / Is it the end of the skinnies?

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There’s always a great range of skinny jeans available, but what's happened to all the other cuts? We might try out the occasional cropped style, but for the most part skinny jeans have dominated fashion - and our wardrobes - for the best part of a decade. 
Finally, it looks like there's a new trend on the denim scene: the boyfriend jean. Last seen in the days of nineties grunge, baggy, ripped jeans are making a definite comeback. They’ve recently been spotted on the likes of Jessica Biel and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the inevitable trickle down to the high street has already begun.
So, should you hop on the boyfriend jeans bandwagon? Or are baggy jeans best left back in the nineties along with butterfly clips and colourful scrunchies?
The pros:
Boyfriend jeans are undeniably comfy. The soft denim doesn't cling to you, so you've got plenty of room to move around and breathe. This makes them ideal for hot weather or long car journeys when comfort is key.
They look effortlessly cool. From the slouchy fit to the vintage fraying and holes, boyfriend jeans are designed to create the illusion of completely laid-back, natural style. They may be on trend, but you'll never look like you're trying too hard. 
The cons:
They don’t suit every body type. Boyfriend jeans look perfect on women with a slim, boyish figure, but hourglasses and pears should steer clear. Loose, baggy clothing can swamp your figure, making you look larger than you actually are. Skinny or bootcut jeans provide a more flattering silhouette, complementing your curves instead of hiding them. 
It’s also almost impossible to make them look smart, especially since many have ripped patches and worn detailing. One of the reasons jeans are so popular is because they can usually be dressed up or down, but you'll struggle to make your baggy boyfriend jeans presentable enough for evening or office wear. 
Fans of the skinny jean, fear not - your preferred cut is still a style staple. You can dress them up or down, they go with almost everything, and they flatter a whole range of figures. You might enjoy a casual flirtation with the new 'boyfriend' style, but chances are your old skinny favourites are still here to stay.

But don't forget, what ever you feel comfortable in, wear it, and own it! ;)

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