FASHION INSPO: Why I love BeauCoo!

Hej Allihopa!

Growing up I always had such a hard time finding clothes that fit well. I remember how I used to struggle in the dressing rooms getting something on, or trying to make it work and look good. I got really hot and sweaty and all the clothes just start sticking to your body and you just feel disgusting, sounds familiar? That was me like all the time, of course the clothes looked amazing on the "models" and manikins but on a size 14, with big arms, butt and thighs, not all the time. haha. I could have saved myself so much time just doing some "research" first, or maybe went in to the store with some more inspiration of what I'm exactly looking for. Shopping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not a nightmare. BeauCoo is the place to go to, it's an inspiring, non-judgemental, body positive community. I absolutely love it!
"BeauCoo will deliver the shopping experience plus sized women deserve - trendy, affordable clothing sold in a positive, profitable, and socially conscious way."
BeauCoo is an amazing community where you can safely share your outfit pictures for the community to see, and inspire others for their future shopping trips. I love the idea, I love that BeauCoo was created to inspire other women of all sizes and shapes. So that YOU can see others that share your shape and size rock an amazing outfit that you maybe never ever imagined you could wear or pull off. Guess what? You can! BeauCoo is available as an app on your phone that is free to download as well as online at
Discover and explore new styles and pieces worn by real women, you can also add your friends to the list and follow each other as well as follow others you like on the app/site.
 You can explore women that share your size, but not only just size, your measurements to be exact! So you can be a 100% sure these clothes would fit you pretty much the same.

Set up your profile and start sharing by using the BeauCoo app available to download for android here, and for iPhone here. I love using the app the most, because you can use it on the go when you're out shopping perhaps and not only discover new styles but also new fashion brands and stores.


Being "Body Positive" is something I feel really strongly about, struggling with accepting my body and shape during my teenage years to my early 20's. I always thought my size was the reason why I got rejected or wasn't wanted which really took a toll on my self esteem. I wasn't confident at all in my body at that time, and believe it or not I was smaller then compared to my size today. But I'm more confident today which I'm so happy about. How I got there? I think because of this awesome plus size community that I got to be a part of as I started blogging 4 years ago. BeauCoo is the perfect place to go to for inspiration, finding clothes that fit and flatter you well that you feel comfortable in will make you feel good and let your confidence shine. I'm sure it will make you feel positive in your body. They have a hashtag started called #BOPO which stands for BOdy POsitive that I really suggest you check out and use when sharing your "Body Positive" Pictures through the app.


You can follow me on BeauCoo by clicking here!
Also, don't forget to join the community! ;)

Every BODY is beautiful!

BeauCoo & The meaning of Body Positivity (#BoPo) from BeauCoo on Vimeo.


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