OUTFIT / Breaking Fashion Rules

Hejsan Allihopa!

This is what I wore for work the other day at Ann Taylor. I adore this top from Ann, it was super affordable and with my associate discount it was a total fashion steal. I love the cut out pattern and flowers, so cute. Decided to pair it with this new Navy colored chiffon Hi Lo skirt from Ann Taylor as well (of course hehe!) So I've heard that you are "not" supposed to pair black and navy together, it's apparently a fashion NO NO. :P I don't know. I like to break the fashion rules. ;)
I really like this combo, I felt super comfortable working in it and I got lots of compliment on the skirt. Yay!
One of the pros working in retail. I love the clothes! I love styling the women that come to us, helping them out. I love organizing, haha! So, yeah, you'll see me at the SALE's racks straightening hangers and pulling clothes off the floor. It bugs me SO much when clothing stores are messy, so I try my hardest every time at work to make things look polished and clean as well as helping out all the women shopping. It's hard though sometimes, to do everything at once.
Extreme multitasking for sure.
Anyways, I've got some retail pet peeves!
I do not get it when shoppers hang back the piece of clothing "INSIDE OUT" back on the hanger.
What's the point?! I'm going to have to take it off the hanger and fix it sooo....just leave it. :P Any person that works in retail will feel my pain when I say this, haha! But it might sound silly but when you see that multiply times it's just like....REALLY!?
What else? Shoppers that stubbornly struggle to jam hangers in the rack faced the opposite way, omg, just turn it around. :P That's just a couple of my retail pet peeves. It all has it's pros and cons. ;)
But at the end of the day, I love my job. But I wish some people would respect the clothes a little bit more, I love fashion and just seeing how some clothes get treated, it's hart breaking. haha. Not but for real though. Nobody is going to want to buy those white pants you just rubbed your fake spray tan all over. Just think about that. Anyway, I'm rambling and it's getting late.
Goodnight everyone!
Stay tuned.
What I'm wearing:
Everything from Ann Taylor, except watch and shoes. Shoes from Traffic, Watch from BP available at Nordstrom.
DSCN3788 ann DSCN3781 DSCN3778


Unknown said…
cette tenue te va très bien,tu es très jolie!!!!
Malene said…
You look absolutely beautiful! I love your top!

miss biggy said…
very very gorgeous!!!! i love your style!
stalkergurl_94 said…
Fatinthecity said…
Casual elegance ! You look beautiful:) xox

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