SHOPPING / H&M Available Online!

Hey Babes!

How excited am I that HM are now open for online shopping!
Back home in Sweden I always used to order online, I had a $1000+ credit account with HM which was dangerous! (I paid it ALL off before I moved here, so proud of myself) But it was so convenient to order online, you could hold some pieces for a few days and think about your purchase. I'm really happy that you can now, FINALLY order online here in the U.S. YAY! :) Also, the plus size line that is not available here in New Jersey HM stores I can not buy online...awesome!
Many times I stubble upon bad reviews on HM's plus size selection and style, it's too unflattering, not stylish or trendy enough, too basic, too boring etc. etc. But I don't think their plus size selection is that bad, I think it's great! It's already hard for us size 14+ girls to find affordable fashionable clothes, and I think HM offers a good range of basics and worthy staple pieces. :) That look clean, chic and classic. Don't you agree?
Fit could get better though, that I agree upon! Especially when it comes to bottoms, but I'm going to give their pants another try. See how they fit now, because its been a while since I tried on their bottom selection.
Anyways, bellow are a few of my favorites available to buy online in their plus size line.

Which one is your favorite? 

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hm hm1 hm2 hm3


AHH, this is a tough one...Yes, basic is all i see in this line and i think we should not settle just because there aren't enough retailers selling plus size clothes. I am hoping they improve and expand their plus size selection...And do let us know how the fit is!
I like the line because we lack some basic brands that just make normal items like as much as I love f21 sometimes they have the worst details on their items and it ruins a perfect good item. So i love the plain items here, the jeans are simple, the jackets, the tops. I love them and I will be ordering and I think folks can add their own style to items anyway and transform an outfit. One piece shouldn't do all of the talking.
Anonymous said…
I love the basic look of the items. As a plus size girl, the hardest items for me to find are the basic pieces without a crazy pattern or sparkles. It reminds me of some Zara pieces (which I wish had a plus size line as well). How do the bottoms run? Big or small? I am thinking of ordering a pair of jeans, but I want to make sure I get the right size.

Anna Beth
Tiffany said…
I love the curvy lines of that dress.
Unknown said…
I agree with you. They do some fantastic basics, the quality is brilliant! (They last longer than a lot of clothes I have bought from pricier places which are prestigious and meant to be fabulous quality). It's all about how you wear the clothes, and accessorizing!!!

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