An easy way to elevate your look is by accessorizing! I've had a long obsession with statement necklaces, and they have grown so popular nowadays that finding affordable statement necklaces is hard, they just keep getting more and more expensive and sometimes you feel like mixing it up and we're not all loaded with money, like we got priorities ;) but we want to look stylish too. I'm so happy I stumbled upon Sammydress, they carry so many stylish and affordable statement necklaces, but not only that, chic earrings and cute bags as well that will make any casual outfit shine.
I've spotted some of these statement necklaces on eBay, but ordering something from abroad doesn't always feel secure because you have no tracking number and it takes a long time to receive the item, sometimes up to a month. At Sammydress you can expect the best customer service so you can feel secure and comfortable shopping. You'll be provided the very best quality products for wholesale prices, WIN WIN! Love it. They have a huge selection of trendy pieces, so you'll be sure to find a favorite that you just MUST have. I did already. My favorite statement necklace is the one in the middle, so beautiful, and it's only $12.55. Which isn't that bad at all for that kind of necklace that would probably go for way more in stores. It looks expensive, I need it! :)

Which piece of accessory is your favorite?

sammy sammy2 sammy3
Sammy Dress not only carry accessories, but they have a huge range of trendy and chic clothes, wedding dresses, sexy lingerie, and home and living stuff, to only name a few. You got to check out their website!
Also, if you share your favorite with your friends on facebook or "pin it" by 3 easy steps and you have the chance to win one of the items that you shared with your friends. Just follow the link here and get started.

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Deborah said…
Super schön das Ganze!

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