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So I'm keeping to my promise of staying more updated here on my blog. I've been slacking lately and I don't like it. Life took over, which I'm happy about. My life looks brighter right now. Even though it can get a little tough every once and a while, life is looking pretty good right now. I have different goals, and I'm doing new things. A lot of "firsts" which I love. I also want to give myself a pat on the back for loosing 20 pound. YAY! Good job Jen! :) looking at these pictures, these pictures specifically, I can tell....I can tell I lost. Especially around my face, I used to be rounder. I'm excited to see progress.
One of many "firsts" lately was to help style a photo shoot with Myah. I was super excited but nervous because I've never done anything like this before. I felt super flattered and humbled to be asked to be a part of this production. It was so much fun and I cant wait to share the photos. Until then, I'll keep the details a secret. ;) so stick around to see the photos later on. Don't know exactly when but, soon probably.
Decided to wear something comfortable because I knew it was going to be a long day. My favorite jeans and new flowy top from Ann Taylor, paired with a flower statement necklace that I found on eBay.
Thanks for stopping by,
What I'm wearing:
Top from Ann Taylor, Necklace from eBay, Jeans from Torrid Stiletto, Shoes from Traffic.
blueflower DSCN3918 DSCN3921 DSCN3923


Sara said…
Gillar din outfit :) och grattis till 20 pounds! wow! :)
theurbanemaven said…
You look absolutely gorgeous! Before I read the post, I was saying to myself she looks really smaller--she's lost weight. It is very noticeable and you look FANTASTIC--you're even glowing...keep up the great work!
you're really beautiful! :D
love your outfit!

Unknown said…
You look radiant! Stunning!

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