OUTFIT / Halloween Weekend

Hej Hej!

Here's one long over due "Outfit" Post. This is what I wore this Halloween for work. I didn't really have a thought out idea of a more "halloweenie-ish" look but picked up this adorable head band in Kids Wear at Nordstrom, so cute! All blinged out, and what other day can you get away with wearing it, really, than Halloween? I mean, I do think I'll wear this another time as well, but...yeah, we'll see for what occasion.
So, since I've lost weight tons of my clothes are now too big, which is insane to see because it has really never happen to me, more that clothes are getting too tight. So I'm like speechless when i put on these pants that used to be fitted and tight are now all baggy and HUGE around the waist. I'm happy, but also a little frustrated, now I NEED new clothes! :P
I need to go buy new clothes now, so for the time being, this black pleated skater skirt is my go to skirt. I love it! It has a outer zipper in silver that gives it a little edgy look.
 But I need new clothes, majority of my bottoms and jeans don't fit me nice anymore, I hate when pants and jeans gather too much in weird places. My beloved Torrid stiletto jeans are big on me too. *tears*

Anyways, Also there was a shooting in the Garden State Plaza Mall close to where I work at Nordstrom, so surreal! Can't believe it happen, crazy. Happy that no one got hurt, I'm ok...just shocked! 

Stay tuned, don't be a stranger.

What I'm wearing:
Jacket from Ann Taylor, Top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from Forever21+, Head band from Kids Wear Nordstrom, Boots from Skopunkten.
hallo3 hallo4 hallo2 hallo


Unknown said…
This is such a cute look, I love this skirt on you, you look super pretty. I know how you feel about the weight loss although it seems like some days my clothes are too loose and others I bloat and everything fits fine - it's very irritating. New clothes are fun, expensive, but fun. You should try a swap? That's a more economical way of doing things. Anywho, I'm glad to hear you were okay after that mall shooting. The world is a crazy place huh?


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