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Hope you guys had a great week so far!
Nothing new in my life, besides some personal struggles. Since I started this blog (or even my very FIRST plus size blog back in 2007) I changed my view of myself. Before I was so self conscious and doubt myself a lot, didn't think I was good enough or good looking enough for any guy, I was too big, not skinny, flabby! You name it, so plus size blogging really helped me build my confidence and reach self acceptance. The plus size community is amazing, I adore everyone that's a part of it, I'm fortunate enough to have met a lot of you too, which I'm really happy about. I was feeling strong and happy with where I was at in life back then, in the beginning.
After that, planning a big move to the U.S. Moving forward, excelling in life. Doing something new.
After coming here it kind of went downwards, everything became harder, still trying really hard looking at things from the bright side, telling myself that everything is fine, kind of convincing myself that this is normal. To be in a mentally abusive relationship is NOT ok! It is NOT normal.
But I was blind. 
Time went by and you can only take so much of it, that I finally broke free. Not easily though, not at all. To be completely free I need to go get my own place. Anyway. So I was feeling better again. Good things started to happen in my life again. It felt like it was "meant to be" for me to break free and focus on myself only.
TELL ME, why am I feeling like I'm on the bottom again? Relationships man....right?!
They fuck with your mind, your heart and soul. I love this person but the struggles make my heart ache. 
So I'm in this "stay strong" mode, I don't want to feel discouraged! I want this, and all my doubts and self consciousness needs to go. Because it only causes me to think negative, and I hate it.
I'm just like having a mind struggle, and it sucks. Anyone got any tips on how to stay confident in a relationship? Please, comment below! ;)

Anyways, enough of my blabbering!

What I'm wearing:
Jacket from SHE MISS, Top from HM, Skirt from Forever21 Plus size, Stockings from HM, Flats from Payless Shoestore, Necklace from HM.
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Taylor Brione said…
Love this skirt on you! #HotStuff
Unknown said…
Too cute!!!! I have mia from my blogger boos and I am so missing things like this!!!! Werk it!!
Unknown said…
I really read the post this time...don't feel down on yourself or your looks! You are a beautiful and very smart woman just being cyber acquaintances. Yes, relationship and even people tend to bring out the worst things imaginable in us. But don't let things like this get you in a rut because like you say, you have to look at the bright side of things. Because you are being prepared for something much Greater!!!! This song I sing comes to mind and it is called Greater is Coming by Jekayln Carr. I love it because I feel in my lifetime, there can be times that I have been feeling at my worst but most of my worst turn out to be my best so keep doing your thing and love yourself FIRST because we as women tend to lose the security and our worth in these relationships. Hope I didn't talk too much...Have a great Holiday and stay beautiful!!!!
Unknown said…
Stay by yourself for a while. Its seems from what I read you were in two relationships really close together. That can sometimes be problematic. Just be in a relationship with yourself for a year and I bet ya things will be much clearer and you will know the right guy for you. Don't let anyone get in the way of loving yourself.
Unknown said…
Aww Jen!!!! I love this look. That coat is everything!

Unknown said…
You look amazing and its like you've lost weight! Remember that you are your best weapon so you need to stay strong...

Best wishes from halfway around the world,
Anonymous said…
Hey Jen
You look really gorgeous and I really love your blog!
I don't know how to stay confident in a relationship, because I never had one. Today I'm 24 and still single! A long time I believed that no man would love me because I'm too fat! But you and other plus size girls showed me, that I'm not the problem, the guys are the problem! And i learnt how to love myself, I treat myself with respect and love! And no matter what happens I know that I'm awesome and no guy could destroy that or make me feel bad! And I learnt also that I don't need a man in my life to feel good, to make me happy!
Maybe my advice: Be selfish, look after yourself and do what you wanna do! And love yourself in the first place! Take a break from your relationship and think about what you need and what you want!

I wish you aaaalll the best and I hope that you gonna find your luck!
Caby said…
You are beautiful! And be proud of what you have accomplished in your life. You are in a different country without your family.
You are having a bad day because of relationship problems.

Never ever let a man take you down, make you doubt yourself or get involved in a relationship that is taking too much energy that isn't positive.

Take a time out from time to time and be happy with yourself, love yourself. And a good, descent en sweet guy will come your way.

Unknown said…
I've read this post a few times, I know exactly how you feel about your sense of confidence and struggles with relationships - when I was younger I was really insecure and I found myself in relationships that were very unhealthy. It took a long time for me to realize there was nothing wrong with me, that I was beautiful and deserved someone who would love me for who I was and who would treat me like a queen. You definitely deserve all of those things and you are beyond gorgeous, so anyone who says anything different is full of cat crap.

Anyway, this is a super cute outfit and I wish you all the luck.


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