UPDATE / Hello Again!

Hi Everyone!

I've been so absent here for a while now. I've promised myself to update more, as I wish to do so, but been so busy with life and all, but...I'll do my best, and I'm gonna start off with a little update on what's going on.
So, I'm no longer a Barista at the E-bar at Nordstrom, I now work IN the store in a new department called the Pop-In Shop, it's a pop-up shop, theme based with lots of unique and exclusive designs, it's a lot of fun. I'm super excited about working there, better pay, more room to be creative and grow, always stimulating, it's nice to get a closer connection with our customers. The list is long. ALSO I'm the new Social Media Lead, Heeey! I'm like pinching myself. Is this really happening to me right now, all these blessings. 
I now do social media posts for our store, which is a lot of fun!
So I've been busy transferring over from my old job to my new. Learning about the products, as well as learning about LUSH where I've also started working, I know, omg, so much going on...I left Ann Taylor. So lots of new things going on at the same time...But I'm really excited about these moves...
I'm happy.

instanew instanew2

At the same time, after my separation I've started to see someone now...at the same time as I'm doing all these changes at work, I'm dating this very special guy. :) So I've been spending a lot of time with him...and I couldn't be happier. 
So yeah, that is why I haven't been updating much. But, I love my blog...and I want to continue to work on it cause I love it! I want to stay in touch with the plus size community too. 

I've been active on instagram though ;) so here's a few pictures from the past few weeks. 
Stay tuned!

Lots of Love



Anonymous said…
soooo happy to see you back, we miss you boo! you look great, CAN WE PLEASE HAVE DINNER THANK YOU lol
Aw, take as much time as you need to invest in your new guy. People don't seem to date anymore they just rush things so that's a good excuse to me! Hope to see you back soon! Love stopping by to read your post!

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