REVIEW / 2013


2013 is over, it went by fast!
It has definitely been eventful, especially the later half of the year...that's why I've been so bad at updating. 
I'm happy about how this year has turned out even though I wish I would have had a better living situation at this point. That's the only difficult part of it all right now too... I need my OWN home.
I'm going to continue to fight, be strong and achieve my goals in 2014. I can't  wait to see what happens.
I want to get my own place.
I want to loose another 20 pounds.
Inspire more on my blog.
Improve and grow more at work.
Visit Sweden!
Continue a healthy and honest relationship.
Hm, What else?
I think that's it for now. But I'm sure there's more ;)

Anyway, below is a few pictures of 2013's OOTD's. Not too many this year but it's nice to see the weight loss happen, and I've never really gotten to experience that. I've lost 2 dress sizes so far. YAY!
And in terms of style, I must say it's changed to a more sleek, black and white, neutrals, clean look. haha, I don't know, I feel so boring but I'm just drawn towards more blacks lately. Also because of work I think, at LUSH you wear black or white only so. I don't mind, black and white are so easy to wear, and that's a win for me! :) Anyways. It is freezing outside and there's freshly made chicken soup waiting for me in the kitchen.

So, BIG thank you for everyone's support, comments, to all my new friends, old friends, near and dear, the plus size community, co-workers, BFF's, my family, my new family, my boyfriend for making the year of 2013 an unforgettable one!

Lots of Love - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Malene said…
You were beautiful all year through!

Jeg √łnsker dig alt godt i 2014!
ashley said…
Every outfit was nothing less of STUNNING! you are so beautiful!
Marian said…
It's been a long time since i commented but i want to wish you an amazing 2014! xo

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