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So I've decided to start blogging again for real...for real, FOR REAL! Haha, I've brought my camera and tripod to my BF's (I'm there a lot.) So now there's no excuses! Lets do this. 
AND, now I have a "photographer" as well, who doesn't mind taking my photos. Thanks babe!
The other night we went out for a little "photo shoot" in the Bronx. I have to admit I felt a little photo-shy at first, I don't know, I felt a little awkward about it. Maybe because it was a "first". My bf taking photos of me for my blog, like, heeey! This is awesome, "firsts" are great! Who wants to live life not trying out new things, or getting out of your comfort zone?
But anyway, we had so much fun!  (as you can see.) I just had to warm up a bit. Haha!

Alright, I've never been a "sneaker"-person. I always thought sneakers looked like shit on me, or just didn't fit my style. How wrong was I? Got my very first New Balance sneakers this Christmas from my bf, at first I was like, omg, sneakers...am I really gonna wear these? I was scared, Haha! Just kidding.
I was super happy tho! Hey, They look fly! Lets make this work. 
I wore them everyday, even in the snow, that's why they are ALREADY a little beaten up. There's nothing nicer than to change into your sneakers when leaving work after a long shift wearing not-as-comfortable shoes. It's like walking on clouds! And honestly, they go with everything! 
These sneakers changed my style a little. Haha! I dress more casual after work, and that was exactly his plan when giving me these sneakers. You smart baby! I love it! ;)

What I'm wearing:
Shirt from UNIQLO, Beanie from Nordstrom, Jacket from SHES MISS, Jeans from NY and Co, Sneakers from New Balance.

So now, he totally made me into a "sneaker-head". Now I have 3 pair of sneakers. Haha! Jeez. Am I entering a new obsession? Got a pair of new black/grey NIKE Roshe Runs from my bf on Valentines. (And I got him a pair for Valentines as well, Twinsies!) LOVE! I'll show them of next time ;) More is to come so stay tuned.
Sorry for my absence, but thank you so much for sticking around following and reading my blog still! Means the world to me! Sending you guys massive virtual hugs!


New Beginnings.
New year, new you! Time to re-charge!
Try new things. Explore! Play! Have fun! Experiment with fashion.
New challenges, New love, New life.


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